The chromosome is the highly compacted structure of the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) molecule containing the genetic information, i.e. the blueprint for the construction of living beings. The chromosomes shown here are human chromosomes. In humans, a total of 46 chromosomes contain this genetic information. In the form of little sticks stuck together, we receive half of this genetic information from our biological mother and the other half from our biological father. These chromosomes are made up of 1.5% of the genes that code | design for the construction of living beings. The remaining 98.5% is mainly composed of other essential information, known as non-coding information: regulatory sequences, for example, which partly regulate the coding regions. Malfunctions and diseases can occur when mutations occur in the chromosomes or when their number is abnormally low or, on the contrary, excessive. Although their number, composition, length, complexity, etc. vary from species to species, chromosomes are shared by all living things, from bacteria to plants to humans.

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Our team is composed of a scientific director (Ph.D.) and an artistic director who combine their creativity, their rigor, their curiosity and their pop side in the service of science outreach & design. Thanks to our different partners, we are able to offer you various and complementary services.

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Notre équipe est composée d'une directrice artistique et d'une directrice scientifique (Ph.D.) qui allient leur créativité, leur rigueur, leur curiosité et leur côté pop au service de la vulgarisation scientifique & du design. Grâce à nos différents partenaires, nous avons la capacité de vous offrir des services variés et complémentaires.

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