Science is a journey where discovery is a step. Share scientific discoveries to a wide audience is another one. To accompany you in the dissemination of this knowledge, our agency offers you a large range of services.

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scisters.editions is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of science by supporting scientists, universities, industries, museums and centers of scientific, technological and industrial culture in their efforts to communicate their scientific projects. We are based in France and develop international projects in French but also in English and in Spanish. All our contents and graphic services are homemade.

Our services combine graphic arts and science:
× Websites design (with our partners) | Visual identity
× Logo design | Graphic and editorial design
× Motion design (2D)
× Video editing | Soundtracks creation

× Review of scientific literature for each project
× Scientific consulting for communication and dissemination strategy
× Creation of educational content for scientific mediation (schools, science centres, museums)
× Creation of scientific exhibitions (ongoing - museums & science centers)

Who are we?

Our team is composed of a scientific director (Ph.D.) and an artistic director who combine their creativity, their rigor, their curiosity and their pop side in the service of science outreach & design. Thanks to our different partners, we are able to offer you various and complementary services.

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Qui sommes-nous ?

Notre équipe est composée d'une directrice artistique et d'une directrice scientifique (Ph.D.) qui allient leur créativité, leur rigueur, leur curiosité et leur côté pop au service de la vulgarisation scientifique & du design. Grâce à nos différents partenaires, nous avons la capacité de vous offrir des services variés et complémentaires.

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