Science is complete only when it is shared and gets attention


scisters.editions is dedicated to disseminating science and supporting scientists in their efforts to communicate their research. We are fully convinced that science breakthrough deserves to be in the limelight. For this purpose, scisters.editions accompanies scientists to develop efficient communication and graphic design strategies. Combining our two sets of expertise, digital communication with our scientific instruction, we are committed to making science accessible to a wide audience in a professional, stylish and contemporary manner.



  • scientific communication and dissemination

we are fully dedicated to promote science excellence and outreach.

  • graphic design

we offer novel graphic approaches to share your scientific research.

  • scientific and artistic expertise

our duo is composed of a doctor in molecular biology (Ph.D.) and an artistic director.

we surely can help you to respond to those questions

>< How can I boost my scientific impact?

>< Why is communication important in science?

>< Why visual identity and scientific illustration matter?

>< What does make a good scientific narrative?


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