Scientific breakthroughs deserve to be in the spotlight. To this end, scisters.editions works with scientists and knowledge brokers to develop effective communication and graphic design strategies since 2020. By combining our areas of expertise, our scientific background and graphic design, digital communication, we offer services to make science accessible to a wide audience in a professional, elegant and contemporary way.


Scientific Director

> Science and Communication Department
> specialized in scientific mediation and communication

During my doctoral studies in molecular biology, I attended training courses to perfect my skills in scientific communication, and more specifically in communication with researchers. After my PhD, in order to feed my curiosity and discover other horizons than my specific field of research, I founded scisters.editions with my sister. An innovative project bringing together science, communication and graphic design. Thus, I am co-founder and scientific director and I am responsible for the Science and Communication department. 

Thanks to my years of experience in research and my desire to give access to scientific knowledge to as many people as possible, I ensure the integrity, accuracy and quality of all our projects and services. I am also in charge of developing our French and international network. To perfect my objective of popularizing knowledge and allowing a better access to scientific culture to all, I also became, recently, an exhibition mediator in a center dedicated to the communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge (CCSTI - La Rotonde).

As for my degrees, I obtained the first year of a Master's degree in Physiology, Genetics and Development (Université Clermont Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France). For the second year of the Master, I went to Toulouse at the Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier (Genes, Cells and Development). Then I obtained a PhD in Biomedicine, specialising in Molecular Biology, Epigenetics, Metabolism and Evolution (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain). 
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Line hurtado

Artistic Director

> Art and Design Department
> specialized in graphic design, motion and publishing design

During my studies in art, applied arts and cinema, I was able to expand my artistic and cinematographic culture. I acquired multiple references, which are today the source of my inspirations in all our projects. This range of artistic visions, from the minimalism of wabi-sabi to the grunge punk spirit, allowed me to build a style playing with eclecticism and the
confrontation of plastic and audiovisual universes; thus proposing an adequate and original style to each project. 

I previously set up my own graphic design agency before creating this company with my sister Sarah. Our joint venture has allowed me to enrich my own culture with new knowledge and has given me the opportunity for an abundance of encounters between the arts and sciences.

More personal creations turn towards electro culture, fluo colors, mixed with patterns and other graphic patterns, with a sometimes serious, often laughing and/or offbeat spirit. In any case, each new project (personal or on request of our customers) is the occasion of a new adventure which is only more beautiful because shared.

As for my degrees, I obtained a complete master in art publishing and one year of master in plastic arts (Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France), a two-year technical degree in visual communication (Lycée Raymond Loewy, La Souterraine, France), and 2 years of University degree in cinema (Université Lumière Lyon II, France).
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Who are we?

Our team is composed of a scientific director (Ph.D.) and an artistic director who combine their creativity, their rigor, their curiosity and their pop side in the service of science outreach & design. Thanks to our different partners, we are able to offer you various and complementary services.

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Qui sommes-nous ?

Notre équipe est composée d'une directrice artistique et d'une directrice scientifique (Ph.D.) qui allient leur créativité, leur rigueur, leur curiosité et leur côté pop au service de la vulgarisation scientifique & du design. Grâce à nos différents partenaires, nous avons la capacité de vous offrir des services variés et complémentaires.

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