Painters in chromatin
november 2021
Amith Zafal > Jost Lab | ENS de Lyon (INC)
"A picture is worth a thousand words" said Confucius >>> an animation is worth much more. We create 2D and motion design animations for scientists who want to share their message in an effective and understandable way. We also train PhD students and post-docs to improve the presentation of their scientific work from a graphic point of view but also in terms of communication. Here, we trained Amith Zafal, a PhD student from Dr Daniel Jost's team (ENS de Lyon, France). We edited his final video, but also produced two short animations to illustrate the main data of his research. These animations were presented as part of his presentation at an online conference of scientific experts in his field (International Nucleome Consortium - 3D/genomic modelling).

Who are we?

Our team is composed of a scientific director (Ph.D.) and an artistic director who combine their creativity, their rigor, their curiosity and their pop side in the service of science outreach & design. Thanks to our different partners, we are able to offer you various and complementary services.

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Qui sommes-nous ?

Notre équipe est composée d'une directrice artistique et d'une directrice scientifique (Ph.D.) qui allient leur créativité, leur rigueur, leur curiosité et leur côté pop au service de la vulgarisation scientifique & du design. Grâce à nos différents partenaires, nous avons la capacité de vous offrir des services variés et complémentaires.

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