EXTRAVIVANT: life's great adventure
oct. 2022 | SAINT-ETIENNE
Extravivant is a modular exhibition dedicated to the origin of life from 9-10 years. It currently consists of a half-hour mediation accompanied by a recipe book revealing the first moments of our Universe until the appearance of life on Earth. A pedagogical treasure hunt, to be done independently, is also proposed. This game is based on four illustrated A4 sheets on both sides, on which the public can discover the incredible capacities of extremophiles while having fun. Extravivant highlights the latest scientific knowledge and theories on the origin of the universe and the appearance of life. This exhibition raises many questions such as : > When was our universe formed? > What are the CHON? How did the first stars create these elements? How are CHON essential to life on Earth and its creation? > When, where and how did life appear on Earth? > What is life? How can we define it? What is a cell? > How has life already resisted 5 mass extinctions? > What are extremophiles? What are their particularities? The question of our origins is a question that has plagued humanity for thousands of years. Although scientific research does not yet have all the answers, it is becoming clear that our existence is entirely interdependent on all life forms on Earth today and throughout evolution. Extravivant aims to give the public a glimpse into their own history as living beings, their connection with the world and nature around them. This exhibition also questions the place too often reserved for the human being at the top of the pyramid of living beings. Presented for the first time during the Fête de la science 2022, Extravivant received a definite response from the public in Saint-Etienne, with many people expressing the wish to continue the exhibition. For our part, the emotion and wonder of the public in front of the discovery of these themes reinforce our desire to continue to develop this exhibition and its themes on a larger scale. In the years to come, this exhibition will be developed and enriched with different topics around the question of origins. Other mediation devices (interactive games, animated films, immersive installations, etc.) will complete this first version. Finally, Extravivant will travel to national and international museums.

Who are we?

Our team is composed of a scientific director (Ph.D.) and an artistic director who combine their creativity, their rigor, their curiosity and their pop side in the service of science outreach & design. Thanks to our different partners, we are able to offer you various and complementary services.

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Notre équipe est composée d'une directrice artistique et d'une directrice scientifique (Ph.D.) qui allient leur créativité, leur rigueur, leur curiosité et leur côté pop au service de la vulgarisation scientifique & du design. Grâce à nos différents partenaires, nous avons la capacité de vous offrir des services variés et complémentaires.

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