Game 2: B cells

Goal: find the name & one of the function of this cell, which is involved in immunity response, represented here through three items. Objectif : trouvez le nom & l’une des fonctions de cette cellule, impliquée dans la réponse immunitaire, qui est représentée ici avec trois items. <> If you are the first one toLire la suite « Game 2: B cells »

ID card: Immune cells

Macrophage Bcell Glossary A Antibodies: glycoproteins, also named immunoglobulins, recognising the patterns of pathogens. They can be in soluble form or attached to the membrane of B cells. They are composed of a heavy chain (H: Heavy) and a light chain (L: Light). They have a constant region (Fc) interacting with cell surface receptor. ItLire la suite « ID card: Immune cells »