From scientific consulting to editorial and graphic design, we offer to you a really large panel of skills to communicate and disseminate your scientific research.

We offer to you:

>< Scientific consulting

>< Visual identity, Logo design

>< Dissemination and Communication strategies

>< Editorial design for scientific articles and grant application

>< Graphic abstract, figures and illustrations for scientific articles

>< Graphic design and items

>< Animation 2D and videos (interviews for example)

>< Educational materials

With a Doctor (PhD) in Biomedicine and a Graphic designer, we offer to you the perfect combination for your future projects. We are located in Saint-Étienne (Loire, France). Although we are surely « Frenchy », we ensure to deliver English, French version and Spanish version on request

*Collaborators for scientific review and translations: Richard Norris (EN) | Michael Maher (EN) | Dr. Raquel Villar Hernández (ES), Dr. Ana Gámez-Valero (ES) | Dr. Marta Monguió-Torjada (CAT).

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