Women in Science, future group leaders?

Dr. Roni Helene Grace Wright For our first profile of women in science we chose to interview the Dr. Roni Helene Grace Wright (RHGW). She is originally from Scotland, where she first studied at Eirias High School (North Wales, UK). Initially, wanting to work in crime scene investigation, she obtained her Bachelor in Biochemistry andLire la suite « Women in Science, future group leaders? »

ID card: Immune cells

Macrophage Bcell Glossary A Antibodies: glycoproteins, also named immunoglobulins, recognising the patterns of pathogens. They can be in soluble form or attached to the membrane of B cells. They are composed of a heavy chain (H: Heavy) and a light chain (L: Light). They have a constant region (Fc) interacting with cell surface receptor. ItLire la suite « ID card: Immune cells »

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Diagnosticar diferentes tipos de demencia desde la sangre es ahora posible! La enfermedad de Alzheimer y la demencia con cuerpos de Lewy (DLB: Dementia with Lewy bodies) son dos tipos de demencia neurodegenerativas y muy heterogéneas. Ambas enfermedades se presentan a edad tardía y presentan síntomas clínicos similares como deterioro cognitivo, pérdida de memoria aLire la suite « ES. : »

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Diagnostiquer différents types de démence à partir d’échantillons sanguins est aujourd’hui possible ! Les démences telles que celles d’Alzheimer ou la démence à corps de Lewy (DLB: pour Dementia with Lewy Bodies) sont considérées comme deux maladies neurodégénératives. À un âge avancé, elles se caractérisent par une détérioration progressive du tissu cérébral qui provoque desLire la suite « FR. : »

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Diagnosis of different types of dementia from blood is now becoming reality! Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) are two very heterogeneous and complex neurodegenerative dementias. Both disorders have a similar age of onset and feature cognitive impairment such as short-term memory loss. DLB is also accompanied with hallucinations and, in many cases,Lire la suite « EN. : »