project 444

Project 444 is a series of educational short films, posters, articles and illustrations dedicated to spreading scientific knowledge and breakthrough to a wide audience of experts and non experts.

This gif is based on our short film (2D – motion design) describing immunology concepts and broadcasted at the « fête de la science 2020». An event organised by the « Roannais Agglomération » and « la Rotonde« .


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Since two years we proposed events for the « women in science » day. Find our contributions in this section.

Article of Immunology breakthrough

Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) are two very heterogeneous and complex neurodegenerative dementias. Both disorders have a similar age of onset and feature cognitive impairment such as short-term memory loss. DLB is also accompanied with hallucinations and, in many cases, motor dysfunctions as well as parkinsonism. Their neuropathological and clinical parameters overlap and therefore leads to misdiagnosis, resulting in incorrect treatment and clinical management of patients with DLB.

We were glad to spotlight the research of Dr. Ana Gámez-Valero et al., thanks to our illustrations and our synthesis article. Congratulation to her for her great achievement.


Unfortunately, the coronavirus crisis is likely to continue for several months. Objective: We would like to ensure that all people, whether working in the medical services or not, have access to basic personal protection. We must point out that these instructions are for people who are not in direct contact with patients with coronavirus.

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