Why is scientific communication important?


From theory elaboration to findings outreach, scientific communication is crucial in each step of scientific research. Professional and efficient communication will give you more visibility, more opportunities, better feedback from your peers and new collaborations. The strength of your network will favor your chance to obtain financial support.

How can I boost my scientific impact?

Mainly, by developing your network. For this, you will highly benefit from elaborating a good communication strategy, take part in communication and dissemination events and by allowing us to guide you in this journey.

It is a shame that most of the population will not be aware of your findings. Our expertise in science communication and graphic design will allow you to boost the visibility of your scientific discoveries.

How can I improve my communication skills?

Briefly, by determining what is your main message, highlight it, get ride of any parasite information, train yourself and ask for feedback. Knowing who will be your audience is essential as well to adapt your message. Beside those advices our services will give you the support you need.

We offer personalised support at any step in your career to help you to improve your communication skills.

What does make a good scientific narrative?

It depends a lot on you, your tastes and your audience. Writing a nice narrative requires a lot of practice and patience with yourself. All common rules cannot be summarised here, but the first advice would be start to write, write it again an again.

Although it is true that good data are necessary, communicating them properly with a good narrative is crucial to share it with your peers and drastically improve your outreach. Doing it alone can be frustrating, we are here for you.

Why visual identity and scientific illustration matter?

From grant application to collaboration establishment, good visual identity will allow you to be noticed, appear more professional and have more credibility. Scientific articles and presentations have been demonstrated to be more memorised, quickly understood, read with more attention and interest when accompanied by good image | illustration | video | animation | etc.

References |

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We have strong expertise in scientific needs regarding graphic design and digital communication.

How can I improve my scientific presentation?

Beyond good communication skills, presentation requires good visual and text content. Your presentation is made to be a strong support to your narration. How should I use the correct visuals, figures, etc? What is the right text proportion without affecting the clarity of my talk? What are the appropriate distribution and rhythm for my presentation?… All those questions are entirely rightful.

By using the proper tools you will be able to share you message in an efficient and professional way. We offer our expertise in each step during the preparation of your presentation.

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