Why scientific communication is important?

In order to respond to this question, first you must wonder: What does define you as a scientist? Although, you may find many different definitions, for us a scientist is someone:

>< who makes theories | hypotheses based on his | her knowledge and experiences

>< who tests and demonstrates them by empirical evidences

>< who’s main objective is to share his | her findings to community

From theories elaboration to findings outreach, scientific communication is crucial in each steps of scientific research. It will give you more visibility, more opportunities, more feedback from your peers, more collaborations and therefore MORE IMPACT.

How can I boost my scientific impact?

By elaborating a good communication strategy. By taking part in communication and dissemination events. By developing your network. By letting us help.

What is sharing in science?

In our opinion, « sharing in science » means giving access to scientific progress to anyone willing to know. This includes people from or out of the scientific community. Let’s not forget that most of scientific research is funded by public money. As citizens and scientists, we deserve to know, even for the sake of knowledge.

On the other hand, it is a shame that most of the population will not be aware of your findings, except maybe when there is a « coronavirus crisis ». Well, actually most of the population will not know what your are working on. However, it is the only moment they will want to see experts on TV to reassure that everything is under control.

Let’s change this situation together. Science made by all and for all!

How can I improve my communication skills?

Briefly, by determining what is your main message, highlight it, train yourself and ask for feedback. Knowing who will be your audience is essential as well. It will allow you to adapt your message. We offer personalised support at any step in your career to help you to improve your communication skills.

Prepare a good narrative of your presentation | pitch (oral or written): to be well prepared, to make your message clear, to be able to catch up the attention of your audience. It usually helps to take a break, think deeply on your own project and define better your objectives.

Remember that in a presentation | pitch, you MUST NOT present ALL YOUR DATA.

What makes a good scientific narrative?

It depends a lot on you and your audience. However, there are some rules to follow, we will give you some tools for this. People has a limited capacity of attention. Your main objective, whatever the educational level of your audience, is for your audience to say « (1) I understood what is your problem | question (2) I understood how you try to fix it (3) some solutions you may have found ». We will help you in designing your scientific narrative and how to adapt it to your audience.

Some people may think that narrative is obsolete and good data are enough to say it all. A bonus at best! Although it is true that good data are necessary, communicating it properly is crucial to share it properly.

In our opinion, elaborate good narrative is part of our human nature and it is essential for scientific outreach.

Why visual identity and scientific illustration matter?

From grant application to collaboration establishment, good visual identity will allow you to be noticed, appear more professional and have more credibility. As any documents, scientific articles have more impact when it is accompanied by good image | video | animation | etc. We have strong expertise in scientific needs regarding graphic design.

How can I improve my scientific presentation?

Beyond good communication skills, presentation require good visual communication as well. You would not put the picture of a car to sell dog food, right? On the other hand, you do not need to show 100 pictures for the audience to understand that you are selling dog food. One is usually enough. It is the same in science!

Well, it is easy to say, isn’t it? Although you may know some rules, it is not always easy to choose the right visual, have the right distribution, get the right dynamic.

We offer our help in each steps during the preparation of your presentation to give you the right advices depending on your tastes. From Master students, PhD students, Post-docs to PIs.

You want us to help?

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